Interview with Ambassador Martin Dahinden - Swiss Embassy

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The Swiss Embassy in Washington DC published a very intresting interview with the Swiss Ambassador who expresses his thoughts and opinions on what happened in 2016. He talked about US-Switzerland relationship and the importance to promote not only Swiss culture in the US but also Swiss achivements in technology, science and important events like Festival del film Locarno or the realization of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, essential connection for Switzerland and within Europe.

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World's longest rail tunnel begins regular service in Switzerland
Regular passenger trains start using the 35-mile Gotthard Base tunnel, which took 17 years to build

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Was die Schweiz zusammenhält?
Michael Hermann

What holds Switzerland together?
Michael Hermann

Michael Hermann, political analyst explained to Luca Beti ( “Was die Schweiz zusammenält” - What hold together Switzerland? Despite a strong cultural diversity and socio-political disagreements Switzerland is still a unified country. 

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